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Wedding ceremony in Bali and other island of Indonesia, it offers wonderful backdrops for meaningful experiences, why not your wedding day?

Whether you wish to splurge, and have a large gathering, or a few loved ones.  IndoAsia Tour & Travel will customize your wedding package according to your discriminating taste.

Weddings are the main attraction, considering the weather, and people are most accommodating towards visitors. And of course you must make the visitors comfort, so why use travel agent to do wedding ceremony? Because travel agent can give fully service.

For the examples : accommodation ( must be more cheaper for book ), transportation and meals for before until after the day of ceremony day, and of course we can give the translator to help your wedding ceremony plan until the day.

Now days, a lot of domestic and international clients get married ceremony at Bali. Why it can happened? Bali have much villas and hotels that can support your ceremony ( include chapel inside the package )

For prewedding photos session the clients like to go to beautiful places, for reference : Kawah Putih Bandung, Labuan Bajo Padar Island, Belitung Island, Bromo Volcano, Bentul Desert Yogyakarta etc.

IndoAsia Tour & Travel can offer you the best price for you. So don’t too much take time to decide contact us.

$ 2,500
$ 1,500

Bali 巴厘岛

Private Honeymoon Bali

$ 385
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