One And Only Komodo Island in Indonesia

These Are the Reasons Why Komodo Only Exist in Indonesia, Curious?

Komodo dragons are endemic animals that can only be found in Komodo National Park. Located between Flores Island and Sumbawa Island, this national park is a sanctuary for the last dragon in the world. Komodo Island, Padar Island, Rinca Island and Kode Island are the main habitats capable of this beautiful three meters beast. But why do Komodo dragons only exist in Indonesia?
Simple questions that have very complex answers. Need research to find answers that can be scientifically accountable. Research to discuss this was carried out by a combination of researchers from Australia, Indonesia, Italy and Denmark. The study, which discussed more than a decade of time, was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the interesting fact of which was to summarize after this.

Limited Habitat in the Sunda Kecil

The fact is that the main habitat of Komodo is on several islands in the Sunda Kecil. In addition, on the island of the National Park, Komodo also found on Flores Island. However, this research focuses on dragons living in 10 points on four islands in the National Park. Research on Komodo dragons only exists in Indonesia and is also one of the most important things to examine the behavior of animals that are the object of research at these points.

Coming from Another Place

In research you can find the ancestors of dragons from other places. They come to the islands that they currently occupy to find food and explore. Komodo dragons may come with heavy struggle, have the ability to travel far, both on land and in the air. The anatomy of the body of the Komodo dragon is enough to support this animal to dig even heavy terrain.

Choose to survive because it’s comfortable

“As long as they make colonies on an island, before they have come from far away, they decide their journey is enough. They survive in that place no matter what happen. It’s really surprising, Komodo is truly unique. Even Komodo never leave the valley where they were born. Not because they can’t, but dragons don’t want to do it. This is another reason why dragons only exist in Indonesia.
The tendency to stay in this place has a simple reason; they are comfortable and know where to look for prey. They also memorized the landscape where they were born. Invest far and carry big risks. If for example, a Komodo dragon stranded on a single island, then it would not be able to reproduce in the offspring of its offspring.

Experiment to Move the Komodo Dragon

To find out the Komodo dragon’s navigation capabilities, a study was conducted with moving Komodo dragons from the valley where they were distilled. Some were moved close enough, up to 22 kilometers but still on the same island. There are also those who are moved to other islands. In four months, all the dragons that were moved on the same island had returned to their home. That is, dragons actually have good navigation capabilities.

Lazy Spread, Danger Threatens

The laziness of the dragons to scatter is a very large species for them. By continuing to gather in one place, blood marriage is difficult to avoid. The DNA data provided by the researchers shows that blood marriages often occur. By refusing to split, Komodo dragons also include food sources and natural disasters. All these dangers can be avoided if only the dragons want to scatter through their homeland and chat with other colonies.
So basically, the reason why Komodo dragons only exist in Indonesia is because they themselves choose to live on the Sunda Kecil islands. Komodo has a function to migrate from one place to another, but they are already comfortable and at home in the house where they call it. Very unique, huh. How, has Traveler ever seen this animal directly from Komodo National Park?

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