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Bali hotels make Luxury Travel Intelligence list of world’s best new luxury hotels of 2018

Two hotels in Bali  Capella Ubud and COMO Uma Canggu  are among the world’s best new luxury hotels of 2018, according to Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI), a members-only organization aimed at high-net worth individuals.


Capella Ubud, which ranks eighth on the list, is said to have both intriguing and extraordinary décor.

Meanwhile, COMO Uma Canggu ranks 10th and is praised for being a hip and relaxing Bali resort.

“The three-bedroom duplex penthouses – each with its own rooftop swimming pool and large deck – are among the most impressive new suites we have seen anywhere in the world this year,” said LTI as quoted by the Elite Traveler’s website.

LTI founder Michael Crompton said, “We thoroughly research every property, on our own dollar, as we are passionate about what we do – and bring truth to luxury travel. Of the 42 new hotels that we visited this year, we discovered 15 exceptional properties.”

The complete list and article can be found in here.

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