Cool Things to Do in Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali is a hot spot on this must-visit Indonesian island that is known for its laid-back vibes. The area sits beachside and pulls in many surfers, expats, yoga lovers and digital nomads.

This up and coming hipster spot is quickly becoming the place to visit in Bali. It’s not yet as luxurious and expensive as spots such as Seminyak or Uluwatu but it has something for everyone. You can find high-end spas, backpacker hangouts and accommodation for all budgets.

A trip to Canggu needs to be in your Bali itinerary if you’re craving some relaxation time, love cafe culture and if you want to experience Balinese culture with your western comforts still close by. Between you’re favourite cafes and stunning villas there will be rice paddies, temples and street food to give you a taste of the local life here.

If you’re looking for somewhere that is going to be packed with things to do then Canggu is not the place to visit. Come here if you’re looking for chill and relaxed vibes and find out what to do in Canggu during your stay!


How to Get to Canggu

Canggu is on Bali’s southern coast stretching along 10km of beach just north of Kuta. From the airport it is a 45 minute to 1-hour drive. If you don’t have a driver already arranged you can grab a Blue Bird taxi from the airport. Do not pay more than 250,000 and if you’re a good negotiator you may be able to get it for lower.

Getting Around Canggu

Canggu is not a friendly place to walk as most of the area do not have sidewalks. There are some in Batu Bolong but at night there are minimal street lights, the streets are narrow and it can be dangerous. I recommend getting a bike (and taking it easy if it’s your first time!). For a single day it should cost 50,000 and you can negotiate for lower depending on how long you’re staying. Expect to pay 700,000-800,000 if you’re staying for a month.

When driving in Canggu be aware of the famous Canggu shortcut that is literally a small brick road between rice fields that is notorious for falling apart. Pay attention to what’s happening in front of you and you should be good!

If you’re not comfortable with driving catching a Go-Jek (an Indonesia app that’s amazing), Uber or Grab is easy if you’re not in Batu Bolong. It’s a cheap option and is safer if you don’t want to drive. If you are trying to get any of these options to pick you up in Batu Bolong they might not as there are many no pick up zones in Canggu.


Things to do in Canggu

Hit up the beaches

Canggu is not most known for its beaches but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some time on the beach working on your tan and watching the surfers. There are three main beaches in Canggu and they are all black sand beaches: Berawa, Batu Bolong and Echo Beach. My personal favourite is Berawa Beach as I lived closest to it and the prices for the lounge chairs were half the price (25,000) compared to those on Batu Bolong (50,000).

Spend the afternoon soaking up the sun on one of the lounge chairs or grab one of the beach bags which are free so long as you buy something. Expect to pay 20,000 for a coconut, 25,000 for a beer and food ranges from 30,000-70,000.

Eat your way through the cafes

Eating in Canggu eating is a really big deal! Cafe hopping is definitely amongst the best things to do in Canggu. Seriously, you’ll be spoiled with the amount of cafes around and may even be overwhelmed with the number of choices. Many cafes and restaurants have beautiful scenery overlooking rice fields, leaving you totally relaxed after your meal. You’ll find mostly western food that is absolutely delicious from smoothie bowls, to salads, plenty of avocado, to burgers, Mexican and more!

Hit up a market

There are two main markets in Canggu, Love Anchor Market and Samadi Sunday Market. Love Anchor Market is in the heart of Canggu in Batu Bolong right next to Monsieur Spoon where you can find a little bit of everything from jewellery and clothes to soap, food and music. Samadi Sunday Market is at the Samadi yoga studio and is a favourite amongst the many foreigners who live here. Stop by to find handmade jewellery and lots of organic food from vegan brownies to fresh produce and spices.

Spend a day at a beach club

Bali has some awesome beach clubs and one of the most famous and best beach clubs on the entire island is in Canggu. Finn’s Beach Club is located on Berawa Beach where you can lounge, swim in the pool, drink, eat, and have great entertainment all while looking over the beach. The Canggu Club is also apart of Finn’s and has waterslides, a lap pool, bowling, tennis, a fitness centre…I could go on!

Other beach clubs worth checking out are The Lawn and VUE Beach Club.

Indulge at a spa

Canggu is littered with spas just like everywhere else in Asia. So while you’re here why not indulge a little? Spa prices range quite a bit so do a bit of shopping around if you’re on a budget. Pedicures can be as cheap as 75,000 and massages are around 150,000 for 1 hour.


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