The Best 5 Resort in Lombok

The Best 5 Resort in Lombok

The Best 5 Resort in Lombok

The Best 5 Resort in Lombok
The Best 5 Resort in Lombok

The Best 5 Resort in Lombok in Lombok that you deserve to visit with your family or loved ones! Please read our list.

Golden Week October 1-7 is coming ahead, where are you going to be? Come on, to Lombok alone. Here are some references to where to live there.

1. Mentigi Bay Dome Villas: A charming Hobbit house

Want to feel what it’s like to live in a home of famous movies like Hobbit: Lord of the Rings? Mentigi Bay Dome is the right choice for you. The villa is located on a hill that directly overlooks the sea. Although from the outside the design of this villa is a bit unusual, but once stepped into the room, you will be like in a fantasy country that has various facilities comfortable and luxurious. What’s more, you can enjoy the natural scenery directly from your dwelling. In this resort also provides a villa that has a private pool, so you can swim at will while enjoying the beauty of the sea of Lombok. This one resort you can certainly input into the list of The Best 5 Resort in Lombok you must visit.

Mentigi Bay Dome Villas


Mentigi Bay Dome

2. Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp: Feel the Sensation of Luxury Huts

This resort is a great choice for those who prefer far from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Jeev Beloam Beach Camp is located in the sand dunes surrounded by 55 hectares of protected forest. Although the lodges are inspired from the Sasak Suku fishing village looks simple from the outside, but you would be stunned to see the interior of a five-star hotel.

Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp
图片来源: ViaMichelin

3. Villa Cow: Luxury in the Midst of Nature

The Best 5 Resort in Lombok number three is  if you want to feel the resort of modern nuance but still full of antique aesthetics, come to Villa Sapi! Hearing his name, you might imagine a remote countryside with many cows or cow-shaped buildings. But you are wrong, this villa is not as you imagine. Resort located in the midst of the outdoors has an architecture that combines the traditional elements of antique as well as futuristic.

Villa Sapi
图片来源: Ministry of Villas
Villa Sapi

4. Al Isra Pirate Boat: Pirate-style Vacation

Want a new and different holiday feel from the others? Spend your precious time wading through the loose seas with this unique ship. This holiday style is perfect for those who want to create an unforgettable memory with family and friends. Ships inspired from traditional Bugis-style ships, namely Pinisi made of teak wood with a total capacity of 12 people.

 Al Isra Pirate Boat
图片来源: National Geographic Adventure Blog

5. Hotel Tugu Lombok: The nuance of a Holiday Style

Last but not least, The Best 5 Resort in Lombok – This hotel may seem familiar to travelers. Hotel Tugu Lombok has a high artistic value, presenting the atmosphere of the ancient Majapahit kingdom. Especially for those of you who have a special interest in Indonesian culture, this hotel should be included in the list of lodging that must be visited when visiting Lombok. If you choose to stay here, you will certainly feel the charm of being a royal member in its heyday.

Hotel Tugu Lombok
图片来源: Hotel Tugu
hotel tugu
图片来源: Hotel Tugu

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