Meet Barbie Nouva and Maria Ozawa in One Party!

Barbie Nouva Invites Maria Ozawa Party on the Boat Party

Singer and DJ, Barbie Nouva will celebrate her 24th birthday with Maria Ozawa on a birthday bash. Barbie Nouva deliberately invites former adult film stars because of their closeness. During the four-hours long party, Maria Ozawa was present as a guest star.

“Maria Ozawa already confirm for her attending. She is very close to me,” said Barbie Nouva, contacted by JPNN on Tuesday (10/23).

The singer claims to have known Maria Ozawa for a long time. They know each other due to promoting World Cup soccer broadcasts together. “I’ve known for a long time,” he said.

Barbie Nouva added, Maria Ozawa will blend in with DJs as well as guests. Interestingly, the party called the Tropical Pirates Boat Party will be hold on board. Its initial location is in Benoa Harbor, Bali.

“It’s certainly different from other events. The sensation is different if it’s above the sea, eating is become more romantic,” Barbie Nouva said, explaining the reason for having a party on the boat.

Barbie Nouva will celebrate her birthday on November 6 2018. This event is open to the public, with various category ticket conditions.

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