Terms And Conditions of IndoAsia Tour Travel

terms & conditions
            terms & conditions

Steps taken in the “deal” process with IndoAsia Tour & Travel:

  1. Client can ask quotation / cost calculation to Tour Consultant at most 3 times of change.
  2. Client may ask for packages that suit your personal needs.
  3. Preparation and arrangement of the ideal travel itinerary is recommended maximum 1 month before. (If a large group, ideally a maximum of 2 months in advance, due to limitations of room quotas provided by the hotel.)
  4. If you already fix with the offered travel itinerary and the offered price is appropriate, the client is expected to pay:
    • 30 – 14 days prior to departure: minimum 70% down payment, with guest list for hotel room.
    • 7 days before departure of guests: 30% redemption money.
    • NOTE: billing statement will be given when the client is sure with the price and the amount of payment submitted. Upon advance payment, no change of schedule or participants is expected. A payment receipt will be given after the repayment money.
  5. Tour guide / driver information will be provided up to 2 days prior to guest arrival.
  6. During the trip, the client is expected not to change the content of existing trips.
  7. During the trip client is prohibited:
    • Carrying illicit goods (drugs, sharp weapons / fire, dangerous drinks, etc.)
    • Borrow driver money / guide / agent
    • Fighting / doing anarchist actions with your own group / others.
  8. During the trip the client is entitled to all facilities written in the billing statement.
  9. If there is a free activity day, the guide is entitled to offer activities beyond schedule such as: Lembongan watersport, SPA, etc.

For further information, please contact IndoAsia Tour & Travel directly.

Terms And Conditions of IndoAsia Tour & Travel

terms & conditions
              terms & conditions


 Langkah – langkah yang dilakukan dalam proses “deal” dengan IndoAsia Tour & Travel :

  1. Client dapat menanyakan quotation / cost calculation kepada Tour Consultant paling banyak 3x pergantian.
  2. Client boleh menanyakan paket-paket yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan pribadi.
  3. Persiapan dan pengaturan itinerary perjalanan yang ideal disarankan maksimal 1 bulan sebelumnya. ( Apabila group besar, idealnya maksimal 2 bulan sebelumnya, dikarenakan keterbatasan kuota kamar yang diberikan hotel. )
  4. Setelah fix dengan itinerary perjalanan yang diberikan dan harga yang ditawarkan sesuai, client diharapkan membayar :
    • 30 – 14 hari sebelum keberangkatan tamu : minimal 70% uang muka disertai daftar nama tamu untuk kamar hotel.
    • 7 hari sebelum keberangkatan tamu : 30% uang pelunasan.
    • NOTE : billing statement akan diberikan saat client sudah yakin dengan harga dan jumlah pembayaran yang diajukan. Setelah pembayaran uang muka, diharapkan tidak ada perubahan jadwal maupun peserta. Kwitansi pembayaran akan diberikan setelah uang pelunasan.
  5. Informasi tour guide / supir akan diberikan maksimal 2 hari sebelum kedatangan tamu.
  6. Selama perjalanan berlangsung, client diharapkan tidak mengubah isi perjalanan yang sudah ada.
  7. Selama perjalanan berlangsung client dilarang :
    • membawa barang terlarang ( narkoba, senjata tajam / api, minuman berbahaya, dsb )
    • meminjam uang supir / guide / agent
    • berkelahi / melakukan tindakan anarkis dengan group sendiri / orang lain.
  8. Selama perjalanan client berhak mendapatkan semua fasilitas yang dituliskan dalam surat billing statement.
  9. Apabila ada free activity day, guide berhak menawarkan aktivitas di luar jadwal seperti : lembongan watersport, SPA, dll.

Untuk Informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan langsung menghubungi IndoAsia Tour & Travel.

 Terms And Conditions of IndoAsia Tour Travel Terms And Conditions of IndoAsia Tour Travel