Take a vacation to Bali on Nyepi Day? Here the tips …


At the end of this week Hindus will celebrate Nyepi Day, precisely on March 17-18, 2018. When this holiday takes place, Hindus will do four taboos or commonly known as brata penyepian. Four of them observe the work (not working), observe the nest (not traveling), observe ‘geni’ (not light a fire), and observe the auction (not having fun). Nyepi usually starts at 6:00 a.m. and lasts 24 hours from sunrise.


本周末,印度教徒将在2018年3月17日至18日庆祝安宁日。当这个节日到来的时候,印度人会有四个禁忌,也就是通常所说的“brata penyepian”。其中四项包括:观察工作(不工作),观察鸟巢(不旅行),观察‘geni’(不生火),观察拍卖(不娱乐)。安宁日的活动通常从早上6点开始,从日出开始持续24小时。

One of the taboos that is so pronounced for tourists is observing the nest. Where tourists also have to follow these rules, they are not allowed to go outside the inn during Nyepi. If you keep forcing you to travel, there will be local (costumary) police or ‘pecalang’ who will oversee your activities at the time of Nyepi.

如上所述,其中一个游客的禁忌为“观察巢穴” 。除此之外,游客需要严格遵守当地关于安宁日的风俗和规则。在安宁日期间,游客是禁止随意外出的,如果你还是很想外出游览的话,在安宁日期间,会有专门的安保人员随行。

Interested in a vacation to Bali at Nyepi? We brings together some of these tips for you.


Pay attention to flight ticket reservations


When you choose to visit Bali at Nyepi, make sure you have booked your flight ticket with a departure before Nyepi, and a return ticket after Nyepi. On Nyepi Day, Angkasa Pura I as the manager of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport usually informs the airline and travel agents to close all ticket purchases. At Nyepi, airports, ports and terminals are closed. So you should do planning well.



Do not leave the inn and do not make a fuss


There are rules that prohibit you from traveling when Nyepi, including for tourists not to leave the inn. If you are bored in a hotel room, you can enjoy hotel facilities or take a walk in the hotel environment. Like jogging, yoga classes, and swimming. Well if you just keep quiet in the room, you should not use too much volume. You can reduce the television sound so you don’t make a scene.



Only the lights of the hotel room are lit


When Nyepi, all the hotel lights outside must be turned off and there is not the slightest light coming out. Includes balcony lights, if your hotel room is equipped with a balcony. When you turn on the room lights, you should close the window using curtains as close as possible, so that the light is not exposed to the outside.



Be polite during the ceremony


There will be a series of traditional ceremonies before Nyepi is held. When you see traditional ceremonies you should behave and dress modestly. One of them is not walking in front of a group of people or stepping over offerings that have just been offered.




Ask hotel staff for help if you are sick


If your body condition decreases, you feel sick and need to consult a doctor, then immediately ask the hotel clerk for help to find an ambulance. Usually there will be an ambulance from the hospital to pick you up. Please note that only ambulance vehicles can travel during Nyepi.


Prepare food and other supplies


Because during Nyepi all shops in Bali will close, you should prepare all your needs the day before. Prepare a supply of morning food, afternoon, evening, snacks, and medicine.


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